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Road Accidents are caused by two basic factors - improper driving and non-maintenance of vehicle. These road accidents cost $518 billion globally, costing individual countries from 1-2% of their annual GDP. With KarConnect, we aim to save those numerous lives and build a better global economy by reducing the loss of GDP.

KarConnect is the key to unlock the world of Connected Cars. It is a smart technological combo of two components - 16 Pin OBDII Chip (Hardware) and mobile application (Software). KarConnect Device is plugged in your car’s OBDII port, fetches data from the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), does data crunching and send it to the server for further analysis. The application will receive insights from the KarConnect device detailing you with seamless reports and predictive alerts.

The application also gives you details about fault codes (self-diagnosis) which can avoid a potential breakdown of the car and accidental damages. The application gets you the list of all Service Centers based on the location or nearby. KarConnect also caters real time tracking of the vehicle and driving behaviour showing all the parameters remotely. So, the product is equally useful for both, businesses and the individual users.

Features of KarConnect:

We are assured that our product KarConnect can be incredibly useful for the Schools for their more secured and efficient transportation system. Governments Public Transport and Travel companies can take benefits of cost-effective maintenance which can be achieved by tracking & monitoring driving behaviour and health of the vehicles. Fleet industry through our fleet management solutions and Service Centers for their effective customer service. Overall, our product KarConnect is able to manage the whole eco-system of the vehicle.

In simple terms, KarConnect is the saviour of you and your vehicle’s life. Now make your drive safer than before. One Device, One App, Unlimited Safer Rides.

KarConnect App is live now on Get it on Google Play